Landmark Plastic Humidity Dome Growing Kit

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The Grow Kit includes an adjustable humidity dome, a carry tray, a 50 cell plug tray, and 50 4-inch diameter round pots. The Grow Kit should be used inside, near a window with adequate sunlight. The 50 cell plug tray fits inside the  carry tray and the humidity dome rests on top. You can plant seeds or cuttings inside the 50 cell plug tray. Once the seeds or cuttings have matured, they can be transplanted into the 4-inch diameter round pots, which come with pre-cut drainage holes. The  carry tray is multi-use, so you can also use it for carrying garden supplies or storing muddy or wet shoes.

Dome: Length: 21.75" Width: 11.50" Depth: 7" Color: Clear

Carry Tray: Length: 21.22" Width: 10.80" Depth: 2.33" Color: Black

50 Cell Plug Tray: Length: 20" Width: 10" Depth: 1.63" Color: Black

4 inch round pots (50 count): Diameter: 4" Depth: 3.49" Color: Black


Manufacturer: Landmark Plastic

Landmark Plastic Product Code: GKIT53-224CT

*Not available for sale in California