Landmark Plastic Tiffany & Treasure Plastic Pot Planter Set

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Our planter combos come as a set of 6 decorative designs in various colors and sizes. They were designed in modern, classic shapes in on-trend colors that coordinate well together. These planters can be used inside your home or outside to decorate a patio or deck. Each planter comes with multiple pre-drilled drainage holes. The planters are made of durable plastic, which is lightweight, but will not chip or crack compared to ceramic or terra cotta pots. This also makes them much easier to move when filled with soil. You can plant directly in the planters or drop in a smaller container with a plant. You can plant any variety of plants, as our planters are great for container gardens, combination planters, and house plants.


Tiffany Small: Diameter: 8 inches, Depth: 3 inches, Color: Tan

Tiffany Medium: Diameter: 10 inches, Depth: 3.25 inches, Color: Chocolate

Tiffany Large: Diameter: 12 inches, Depth: 3.50 inches, Color: Terra Cotta


Treasure Small: Diameter: 10 inches, Depth: 5.34 inches, Color: Terra Cotta

Treasure Medium: Diameter: 12 inches, Depth: 5.67 inches, Color: Martini Olive

Treasure Large: Diameter: 14 inches, Depth: 5.75 inches, Color: Chocolate


Manufacturer: Landmark Plastic

Landmark Plastic Product Code: TIFTRE6-224CT